First, Familiar, Fond of and Fast – Marketing, Matching, Sales & Service

There are three distinct advantages in sales, marketing and service delivery. These are

1. getting to the buyer first,

2. being the most found, familiar and fond of brand

3. having the fastest sales and service and solution process.

What about quality? Quality of service is not a focus of this particular study. While quality is important, in some cases a cheap cup of coffee and a mediocre hot dog are sold just because their the first one the thirsty and hungry traveler comes across walking down the street wins the sale. Another example is a plumbing, an HVAC (Heating & Air Conditioning) or an electrical emergency. Sometimes the company with the closest available truck gets the sale or the first spot when the customer searches wins the sale.

If you’re still skeptical about the sales process, there are many studies that show faster shopping cart checkout times increase the dollar amount of the average purchase. Have you ever put something in your cart and had time to talk yourself out of buying it? What about the wait times? You may have a business whose value is partly created by waiting and limited supply. However, those are normally niche products, services and solutions.

Again, in most markets there are three distinct advantages at play. Can you get to your customer first? Are customers finding you first and more familiar and fond of your brand than your competition? Do you have a faster sales and service delivery time?

How do you do this? Simplify and streamline everything.

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The internet and mobile have changed everything. The hyper connected digital world has certainly changed how businesses and customers connect, how they make buying decisions and make payments. So where do you begin? If you haven’t already, begin with your brand identity. Don’t have a clear brand identity? Let’s define or refine it together. Click here to get in touch.

First impressions

So, you want to make a good first impression and you want to get to them first and convert them into a customer fast. First impression, first to get to a buyer and the fastest sales and service process.

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Since digital media, the internet and mobile has forever changed how businesses and customers connect every industry continues to change.

The type of business and industry you are in, how long you have been in business and your customer’s demographic and psycho-graphic profile matter. Don’t know these things yet? That’s ok. I can show you how to figure these things out or define them. Click here to contact me.

Let’s dive deeper into each aspect of first, familiar and fond of, and fast.

Getting to the customer first

You have a few options to get to your customer first. One option is buying leads and being the fastest to contact and close a sale. Another option is to generate your own leads. These are not quite the same, but share similarities.

At any given point in time your competition has either purchased the same lead and/or is trying to generate their own lead. So, if you want to get their first you have to be the first to get their attention, keep their attention and call them to action to enter into the buying process. Do you have a strategy? Click here to get help with a strategy.

Getting the customer to contact you first

The difference between getting to the customer first and the customer getting to you first is a matter of how, where and why.

Where do customers find you?

If you are in the home services industry you can use a matchmaking marketplace such as Angi Ads. Angi has built a match making marketplace for buyers and sellers. Becoming a member of that marketplace matches your business with buyers. The buyers search and select. They can see pictures of projects, prices and a business profile with your brand and customer reviews. Alternatively, you can go to the trouble of building your own. Or, you can have the benefits of both.

How are customers finding you, becoming familiar and fond of your brand?

How are you going to get the customer to contact you? There are many ways to market. There are online and offline marketing strategies. Your industry, location of your customers and their buying preferences make a difference in the how. Contact me to map out a go-to-market strategy.

Getting in the head and heart of the customer

Branding is about standing out and creating fondness and familiarity with your business. Today, more and more customers are interested in the “why” before the buy. They want to know if your business is environmentally friendly, supports charities, treats employees with equity and gives back to the community. There are new types of business legal structures such as the certified B corporation and social enterprises. Customers are more conscientious about what they buy and who they buy from.

So branding is about the message you are sending everyone, not just your customers. It is not about the value of your product, service or solution. It is not about the vision you have to become the leader in your industry. Branding is about getting in and staying in the head and heart of the customer. The message sums up your business without spelling it out. Your message can be a phrase, it can be a short narrative, it is usually stated in a few, compelling and memorable words. Steve Jobs rebranded Applie with two words, “think different” in the 1990’s and the company turned around and has one of, if not the most iconic brand identities in history.

What message are you sending to your potential customers? How are you winning and maintaining that first spot in their head and heart? Reach out to get clarity.

How familiar are your customers with your product, services and solutions?

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How do you ensure you have the fastest sales, service and solutions process?

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