None of us can climb into a time machine and travel back to decisions we made in the past. However, we can reflect along the way and choose a different path going forward.

Wisdom is a combination of character, discipline, discovery, observation and reflection that produces better choices. Wisdom is not a single path that is laid out plainly. Wisdom is born and reborn through discipline, discovery and determination.

Having good mentors in life is like time travel. It can save you from making missteps along the way and show you a vision of the future you may experience.

I lay no claims to wisdom, only the desire to obtain as much as I can in the short and uncertain time that I have. I desire to live a life worthy of a tale of adventures. I desire for the time I have left to be lived in and to its fullest.

I post about things that I have learned along the way. Some things I have learned through my own success and failures and others through collective wisdom. Collective wisdom is what knowledge we have available to us that is shared.

I like to simplify, synthesize and strategize. And I like to use sports as case study, or wisdom, if you will.