Welcome to my travel blog. I post content about all things San Diego, Hawaii and other places I hope to visit. This blog and the content are to help us apply and learn professional skills while learning about San Diego and eventually other places I hope to visit.

I will be posting content here and on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms about my process. If you want to see more organic content on Instagram and YouTube, then consider reaching out for ways to connect your personal and professional interests.

This blog is a first principles blog. I enjoy learning and hope to develop a technology that accelerates attaining and applying knowledge.

Professionally I will use principles, process and tools and technologies from the science of entrepreneurship, innovation, the product owner role and digital marketing.

My vision

is to build a leading travel and professional knowledge attainment and application platform.

My values are

creativity, joy, kindness, curiosity, gratitude, connection

My virtue ethics are

patience to understand, persistence to create, mindfulness to anticipate, prayer throughout to integrate personal and professional fulfillment.

My vehicle

This blog, social media platforms and professional networking is the vehicle to take us on the journey.

My verticals

The professional skills and personal and professional connects that enrich my skill set and strengthen my spirit and feed my soul.

I hope you find the content useful and a fun way to learn. Let me know what you would like for me to post about.