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  • Fit for Leadership Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Leadership Strengths, Style 
and Sphere
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching
  • Leadership Presence and Pathway Mapping


Professional Coaching

After over 20 years in the software and IT services industry serving private and public sectors, organically Coaching and Consulting friends to start their own businesses and serving in every role as vendor manager, vendor service provider as early stage startup manager managing vendors and then as a co-founder and Executive Consultant and program leader, I have continuously thrived as a Coach and Consultant. Sports laid a strong foundation that continue to play a vital role in my fitness program paradigm for high capacity leaders and organizations.


Entrepreneurial Coaching

As a co-founder, owner and operator with community leadership foundations in faith based urban initiatives, I found it difficult to bring together all of the different contexts. The corporate context, church context, community context and educational context lacked consistency and clarity. As a parent, a busy working professional and a practitioner of holistic health and transformation I found it painstakingly difficult to find balance and cultures within each context committed to health transformation. In fact, most were unhealthy in one or more aspects and that impacted the health and well-being of my family.



Health Ecology Literacy Coaching


Corporate, care services, community and faith and non-profit communities all operate within a system and subsystems within society. I will help you to better understand your environmental ecosystem and begin a discovery, diagnosis and design journey that will transform your life and the lives of others. Your body and your brain are your primary asset. And yet, this primary asset is often imbalanced in how we design healthy habitats and habits that optimize and improve personal and professional performance.

Family Foundations and Formations Coaching


As I connected with others with the same values I found patterns that I put together in frameworks and programs. Simple plain language that I use as a parent is flexible and functional across every context in the ecosystem. With this holistic health and empowerment ecology I use strategic framework models to help you continuously map needs, negotiate and navigate a big picture to the little day to day tasks.  I also help you design lifestyle, value and virtue-ethics based designed and health sciences aligned intentional living.



Simplified, Strategic, Flexible Frameworks


Entrepreneur, Executive and Equitable Empowerment with stripped down, simplified, plain language strategic frameworks and simple 90 day programs.

I am a long term, outside in, big picture, systems and strategy thinker.

You may be an inside out, present, task oriented thinker.
All of us are both.

I begin with a personable, professional, share stories approach.





Our perspectives are shaped by our Personhood and our Personhood creates our Presence. Our Presence is a continuous journey of integrating and regenerating our Past, our Pains, our Problems, our Purpose on the Path of life.

Mapping needs is a matter of naming and negotiating priorities along the path of life.

Science is great, at its best, it serves society and systems as an aggregation of stories.  I draw from interdisciplinary sciences to help you strengthen your Presence, reach higher Potential and reimagine, redesign and revise your path.

The right science and simplified strategy is wisdom at work for you.



Personalized Path, Prioritization & Program Design


Values, Virtue-ethics & Vision clarity


Mission and Methods
Weekly Routine, Daily Diary
30-60-90 day Goals, Growth, Gains

  • Strategic Frameworks for Personal, Professional and Community Leadership
  • Routine Design
  • Resiliency Design
  • Spiritual Fitness


Entrepreneurial Ecology


  • Entrepreneurship in an Ecosystem Aware model
    Executive Leadership in a holistic health paradigm
    Holistic Place-based Ecology
    Diversity & Inclusion Models & Mapping
  • Human centered design


Personal to Professional Routine


  • Needs Mapping and Management
    Habit Transformation with Habitat Design
    Personal Energy Efficiency
  • Five Pillar Diagnostic, Discovery and Design

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