Wisdom is like time travel.


I love travel and adventure. As a kid I loved going on “adventures” on my bike or long hikes. My Grandmother always kept a copy of National Geographic for me. Later in life I learned to mountain bike and snow board as an adult and want to learn how to surf better! I love learning about different cultures and desire a safer, more sustainable planet for future generations. So far I have visited Miami, Guyana South America, Salt Lake and Park City, UT, Denver and Breckenridge, CO, Montreal, Yellow Stone National Park, NYC, San Francisco, San Diego and Puerto Rico. I enjoy exploring food, faith and the future we can make better with collective wisdom. Collective wisdom is what we can learn from other people in other places and piece together the relevant and best parts. I enjoy connecting the past, present and future potential. I enjoy taking this approach and seeing how history has shaped the present and the present is shaping the future.


Time on this planet is our most rare commodity. I want to spend that time living, growing and giving wisdom and wealth. Like the prayer of King Solomon, I pray for peace, prosperity and solutions for poverty. Why not spend our time more wisely? Mentors and collective wisdom are like time travel. They both accelerate our path of growth in this short life.


Our life can be one grand tale of adventure. It really depends on how we choose to approach the past, the present and shape a better future.